Don & Pat

Don and Pat McDougal’s roots run deep in San Diego County and particularly in Fallbrook. Both graduated high school in Fallbrook and moved around as Don completed college and his business career matured. Their first stop was in Texas and from there South Dakota. After 28 years of being away from Fallbrook, they moved back to take over the management of the family business, Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens, a private estate specializing in special events, weddings and receptions.

In 2004, Don and Pat purchase a property now known as “Casa Cazador” and used it as their primary residence. Don and Pat’s love of the Hawaiian Islands, and in particular, Pat’s love of gardening was shown by creating a tropical theme both inside and outside the home. In 2015, they relocated to the Grand Tradition Estate. Rather than selling the property, they decided to place it in a vacation rental program. It is their desire to share the peace, quiet, beauty and serenity that they enjoyed for over 10 years with others.